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  • Create events and let music lover, friends and fans Co-Select artists for your event or private party.
    Use it to generate artists and bands for the next music program or warm up at your event and let a professional DJ perform tracks of the Co-Selected artists next to the DJ set.
    Partner can use it to Co-Select Line-Ups for an event or festival within their network as well. Invite user who Co-Selected artists to your event by eMail. We bring music culture from all kind of genre usually known from big festivals and the finest underground artists to small events in your city.
    Become a Partner and payout a fair royalty to artists for performed songs or tracks.
    Partner Up 3 months for free and pay for performed tracks only. We provide full service incl. track library, professional DJ and our inspiring drink Magic Bee to your event if requested. Please contact
  • Check artist library

    Co-Select artists in your city or by event

  • Add a new city or artist to the library. Please contact
  • Host our music show at your party location, bar, café, club, hotel, vacation rental or private home incl. Co-Selection of the artists or music program and a recorded video of the show. We will add the name of your location to the title of the video, upload it and add it to our video channel.
  • Magic Bee is an inspiring drink based on finest beer and 1 drop of magic honey. Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hop, Hop Extract, Special + Magic Honey.
    We deliver your Magic Bee Box with love to your home for a nice price (20 x 0,5l = 10l for € 59,6 incl. home delivery EU).