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  • Independent artists get sponsored gigs

    Keep 100% of your artist fee

    Indie artists Co-create Beer brand

    Artists get 30% sponsorship on each sale of beer to fan

    Try it 10 months for free and then € 39 per year

    Get Sponsoring
    Get Artist Fees

    Buy Magic Fee (24 x 0,5l Pilsner Beer) incl. home delivery

    To Germany (and Europe) for € 34

    Support and sponsor indie music artists instead of paying

    margins to TV, Advertising, Wholesale and Beer firms

    Magic Fee
    Support Artists

    Book artist for less with sponsoring

    Or add one more independent music artist to line-up

    Performance Sponsoring allows promoters

    To buy beer with a discount of up to 30%

    Get Sponsoring
    Distribute Artist fees
  • Choose Artist, when music starts to play click on buy beer to sponsor Artist.

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    Support Artist with 24 x 0,5l Magic Fee Pilsner Beer
    incl. Home Delivery (3-5 days) to Germany (and Europe)


    Share Music, Invite friends to listen to music at your Home, maybe drink Magic Fee and save 39%
    Earn 30 Credits and get 40 x 0,5l Magic Fee Pilsner for € 34
    Click on and share artist tracks with friends and earn 1 Credit when 1 friend follows your link back to and 5 Credits for 1 registered friend.
    Its easy, just login, share music you love and copy-paste the link.

    Get Artist URL, search your track, click share, copy your music URL, paste it to your artist profiles, start to accumulate credits and track sponsoring.

    Download Music, to say thank you, Artists can provide fans with a link to download a hand picked mini-album instantly after beer order and payment has been placed.

  • Book Artists for less with Performance Sponsoring and buy beer (Magic Fee Pilsner) with a discount of 30%. Drop us your request to Support music talent.

  • Fans and Artists can submit Artists to Please include a link to the music, profile and 1 nice artist or band picture.
    After successful approval, Artists and Bands will be added to our Portfolio and start to track and accumulate Sponsoring.
    Independent Artists accepted only.

  • Magic Fee
    flies a killa Bee

    A freakin protest for more independent music

    Discover and support tons of talented artists
    Instead of paying margins to TV, Advertising,
    Wholesale and Beer firms

    Sponsor Artists with each purchase of our
    Co-created Magic Fee (fairy in English) Pilsner
    Beer and help us to disperse this undiscovered
    Music to wider ranging audiences

    Join and change music culture in your city
    With focus to enhance music soul and spirit

    Quality Pilsner Beer delivered with love
    in 0,5 l bottles to your home
    for a nice price. ( 24 x 0,5l for € 34 )